In short, we are the Republican Wing of the Republican Party.

We carry out our mission in two primary ways:

First, Republican Assemblies work to recruit committed conservative activists to become involved in the Republican Party, earning and taking leadership positions within it and displacing RINOs ('Republicans in Name Only') who do not reflect the overwhelming majority position of Republicans across America. And we put a lot of stress on earn; we know that conservatives, while active in election campaigns, have long ignored the party structure in much of America. We mean to redress that wrong, increase the ranks of activists, revitalize our party, and turn it into an electoral powerhouse Americans can believe in once again.

Second, we do what other Republican organizations almost never do. We endorse candidates in contested primaries, so rank-and-file Republicans can know who the true conservative candidates really are. In the spring of every election year, liberal Republicans learn to love Ronald Reagan; ten minutes after clinching the nomination they remember they love Teddy Kennedy more. We shuck the corn, with highly competitive grassroots endorsing conventions at which candidates must secure two-thirds of our delegates' support to win. And when we're done, there's no question who is who.

Why do we do these things? Because the Republican Party is, well, a republic: its people have the ultimate say, if they organize and make their voices heard. And because it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the current generation of Republican leadership has shipwrecked the Party Reagan built.

If you're the kind of person who's tired of talking about conservative principles and sick of whining about what's wrong with the Republican Party, join us. The time for talk is past: it's time to act.