We are the Republican Wing of the Republican Party by John Miller

The Alaska Republican Assembly (AKRA) is a volunteer, non-profit political organization made up of like-minded individuals who believe in the fundamental principles of freedom and liberty. Our Declaration of Independence, and both national and state constitutions were created to form a government dedicated to secure our “We the People” unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Our legislators, executive members, and judicial appointees, including law enforcement and military members, swear on oath to preserve, protect, and defend these rights as guaranteed in these constitutions. This duty is their job description. It is our job as their employers to hold them accountable to their oath and evaluate their performance.

However, due to the ever expanding, controlling, infiltrating nature of government into every area of our lives, it is time to raise up a standard against this bureaucratic encroachment and say, “Enough is enough.”

AKRA wants to give you a voice. There is strength in numbers. If you feel like your vote doesn’t matter, your liberties are being stolen, and there isn’t anything you can do about it, there is something you can do. Join the movement. Get involved.

We believe in working together with our allies, other like-minded groups, clubs, and organizations, not attacking, but finding common ground where we can work together to accomplish common goals. By vetting, endorsing, and supporting constitutionally conservative candidates we can make a difference. Issues We‘re Facing as a State This Election Year you can help win this war. Along with supporting good candidates for borough assembly, state, and national elections are:

  1. ELECTION INTEGRITY. If our election aren’t completely truthful, transparent, and verifiable, then all our efforts, hard work, and support, are in vain, if the system can be rigged. We need to demand accountably.
  2. PFD. Our elected officials must follow the law and yield to the will of the people. It’s a defining issue: who is for us, “The People”, or who is for special interest groups and big government.
  3. BUDGET. With government there is never enough. We need to continue to press for a streamlined, efficient, and effective budget, living within our means.
  4. MILLENIALS. We must get the younger generation involved in the battle for our freedoms.

Any suggestions? Contact John Miller
John Miller fled to Alaska in 1973, leaving behind a destructive, wasted hippy lifestyle in California, to
become a hermit living in the back woods of Homer alone with his dog. That is when the redeeming blood
of Jesus rescued him from an empty life to a fulfilled life of service.
Married for 45 yrs. to Candy, they raised 5 children and have 20 grand children. John is a painter by